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discord bot

well im making a bot now. what features should it have?

  • javascript-based, node.js and online hosted
  • fun games?
  • economy?

god dammit I see how many discord bots are already so good and well developed. i hate myself so much, I have no ideas what to add. i always want to create something cool and unique but I guess coding has to do with a lot of building useless stuff. maybe I can just try to make some, let me just "inspire" myself for some ideas.

I've been thinking about making a big project, like creating a really well known discord bot or discord server or something decentralized and cool like bearblog. maybe just a nice hangout website/place for friends to share some fun memes or shit like a clone Reddit but I probably won't be able to complete any of these projects. i will try to find some friends to work with and maybe one day some of the projects get big. maybe not, we'll see. either I create something new and fascinating that isn't branched of a real project or I branch of the project but make it 10x better. i hope I can do one of it and maybe at least get some friends to help me/ use it too. i just want to create something that fascinates people and help somebody or solve a problem. sometimes its just tough and I don't have the technical knowledge but its all a learning process. one day I'll make it. i believe in it.

let me just go to music school now and I will do some omegle trolls on discord lol. hopefully I can find friends.