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the idea of my portfolio

the idea

okay so instead of making a login system, I will begin with a portfolio. it should contain a description of me, show my github, show maybe some projects and have a cool design. i want it to be minimalistic and with a cool font yk

"the description"

hello there! my name is david brandes and I create cool stuff, I mostly do coding but I also have some skills in video/photo editing. my favorite software for editing is the adobe package w/ photoshop, adobe premiere, after effects. programming skills that i bear are coming in java, python, PHP and javascript; I do understand the concepts and theories of computer science. since i was young i had a strong interest in coding and creating stuff, i want my career to go in the web development direction but i also want to do some software engineering.

the design

first of all, it should be minimalistic and i want to start small. in the very middle of the screen should be all my details with the links to github and email and stuff.

the font can be inconsolata and the background can be some fun colors. color palette