S O D A °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°

reddit clone???

yo boi tryna make a cool ass fukn reddit clone man

theres a catch doe

i cant code. i learned a bit of js and php but i cant code, my only motivation is to make a cool network for posting memes and shit webm collection bullshit u kno that kind of gang shit we doiin over here.

well i tried to use some github bullcrack clone projects but im stupid to understand how symfony and laravel shit works, so i gotta do it myself step by step. and its all kinda complicated but i'll begin in slowly and plan sum shit ahead.

  1. make login system with sign up and dashboard ( email username password )
  2. add user settings like change email, change password n change username
  3. make a post system to post text shit
  4. add a vote system to like a post or dislike a post
  5. add a points system

god i already lost all hope. fuck it.

  1. first i will try to get a login and register website from a template or website shit idk napsd fö

fuck this i will try to make a discord bot.