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how about 100 days of code

tutorial hell

I hate this. I began coding without a real path and now my knowledge is strayed across my mind, I bet I can't even code something for real. i wouldn't even have a plan to code something. what i found the last few months is that, i could learn code easier through following tutorials, especially those who are 1 hours long. but i sometimes just don't end them and i lose motivation to go on / forget / procrastinate.

the idea

100 days of coding how about i code 100 days? let me start small, let's just do 7 days of coding. i will try to code from tomorrow to Sunday for at least 1 hour / follow a tutorial. i will try to put them on my blog here, no one will read this but that is good.

the first thing?

the first thing I do, will be a login system. in node js! or PHP... or python... or java... fuck.


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